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Welcome to Imagine Arts Academy

Welcome to Imagine Arts Academy!

In October 2023, Imagine Arts Academy unveiled a nurturing early education center where artistic exploration and Montessori principles were intertwined.  Our innovative program immerses young learners in a world of creativity and expression, cultivating an appreciation for theater and the arts, and our Montessori-inspired approach encourages independence, curiosity, and respect that will lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and the arts.

Contact Us


113 Church Street, Dalton, PA 19414


Katie Lane, Director, Instructor

Miss Katie is one of the founders of Imagine NEPA and serves as Artistic Director. She is a PA certified teacher and loves learning through the arts! She has extensive directing credits in theater, marching band and color guard, leading several award winning programs. At Imagine, she loves working with "the littles", directing our youngest actors ages 4 through 4th grade. She is also a mother of 3, and when she's not at the theater loves hanging out with her family, her dog and hiking!


Maria Bernard, Instructor

Miss Maria has a degree in Forensic Chemistry with a minor in Criminal Justice from Buffalo State College.  She is very active in her children's school as well as our community.  She volunteers often through the PTA and teaches an afterschool art program at Waverly Elementary.  She has started a local non-profit that supplies free gently used books to children in our community.  When she is not volunteering she is working as a teacher's assistant at the theater.  Her passion for helping kids learn and grow is shown in the work she does.
   In her free time, Miss Maria loves spending time with her two children Steven and their two children Benjamin and Madeline, their dog Teddy, and their nine chickens.


Mandy Bogue, Instructor

Miss Mandy is a dedicated teacher with a passion for theater and the performing arts. She has been teaching young children for over 10 years and believes in using creative and imaginative methods to engage her students. Mandy holds a BFA in Musical Theater with a Concentration in Dance from Otterbein University. Mandy is committed to fostering a love of learning and creativity in her students through the arts.

In addition to her role in the Preschool classroom, she runs the Home School Arts program for grades K-8th at Imagine, and serves as the Artistic Director of the company.

When not working with all of the wonderful children at Imagine, she is mom to three wonderful children of her own, and loves spending time in the great outdoors!

Our Learning Environment


At Imagine Arts Academy, we are committed to providing a nurturing and enriching learning environment inspired by the Montessori philosophy. Our mission is to foster the growth and development of each child by cultivating a love for learning, encouraging independence, and nurturing their creative spirit through theater and the arts.


We believe that children are natural explorers, and through small mixed-age classes, we create a community where they can learn from and inspire one another. Our approach values the uniqueness of each child, recognizing their individual strengths, interests, and developmental stages. By embracing the core principles of Montessori education, we empower our students to become self-motivated learners who take ownership of their education.


Independence is a cornerstone of our preschool. We provide an environment that promotes autonomy and self-discovery, allowing children to make choices, solve problems, and develop their decision-making skills. Our dedicated teachers serve as guides, fostering a supportive atmosphere where children can explore and grow at their own pace, instilling in them a sense of confidence and resilience.


We strongly believe in the transformative power of theater and the arts. Through creative expression, storytelling, role-playing, and imaginative play, we encourage children to develop their communication skills, empathy, and self-expression. Our focus on theater and the arts nurtures their ability to think critically, collaborate with others, and appreciate diverse perspectives, cultivating a well-rounded education.


At Imagine Arts Academy we value the partnership between educators, parents, and the community. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where families are actively engaged in their child's learning journey. Together, we foster a love for knowledge, celebrate diversity, and inspire a lifelong passion for learning, nurturing the unique potential within each child.


With our Montessori-inspired approach, small classes, emphasis on independence, and strong focus on theater and the arts, Imagine Arts Academy aims to provide an exceptional early education experience, empowering children to become compassionate, confident, and creative individuals ready to make a positive impact on their world.

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